Claudia Alexandrino, aka Shut Up Claudia, a young Portuguese illustrator who has made Milan her home. After her Master’s degree in Communication Design, preceded by an Erasmus experience at the Milan Polytechnic, she started her career as a Graphic Designer, without neglecting her true passion: illustration. 
The Shut Up Claudia project stems from the strong need to communicate the truest and strongest part of herself to the world, without filters and conventions. The woman is the main subject of her works, an irreverent type of woman, sincere and without masks, just like Claudia, who through this alter ego tells the truest facets of the reality of every woman.
She's also the co-founder of Ladies Drawing Night Milano, inspired by an American format, that aims to create a creative all-female network by organising design evenings.​​​​​​​

For job inquiries or if you wanna just say hello, drop a line to:

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