The Milaneser Magazine

A city, an imaginary magazine, and 52 illustrators. 

Paying homage to the iconic covers of The New Yorker and inspired by The Parisianer project, Zetalab, a design and visual communication studio, has created The Milaneser.  

The project aims to tell Milan in all its aspects, from skyscrapers to railing houses, from downtown streets to the suburbs, through the illustrations of 52 artists from all over Italy called to represent the aspect of the city to which they are most attached. 
Then, each illustration is presented to the public as if it were the cover of The Milaneser, a magazine that does not exist, totally imaginary. 

In my case, I decided to illustrate the Fashion side and the "La Movida" of the Milanese people through this super fashion woman surrounded by design and Spritz.


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